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How to synchronize clock with NTP server

Basically ntpdate command synchronize the clock with specified ntp server. To synchronize the clock with ntp server all the time when you start your machine do the followings.

First Create a file named setdate with any editor and write the following line in the file

case "$1" in
ntpdate sol(ntp server)
exit 0

copy the file(setdate) by the following command to the location /etc/init.d/

    # cp setdate /etc/init.d/setdate
    # chmod 751 /etc/init.d/setdate

Now create startup scripts to sync the time during system boot.

    # update-rc.d setdate defaults

Also run tzselect to define time change(super user/normal user), Change timezone in /etc/timezone file and put the following line in /etc/bash.bashrc file, user's .bashrc' and .bash_profile file which user you want to get syncronized

    TZ='Asia/Dhaka'; export TZ;

Reboot your machine to get effects.