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Cox's Bazaar my 1st tour...

In mind there was always a dream to go for Cox's Bazaar. But I couldn't make time & scope to go there earlier. In this Eid vacation I made time to go there... The main thing is to manage my mother as I'm the youngest son & manage the office. My other 3 friends were also going there so it was nice opportunity to go there with them. I manage the opportunity.

Actually my Eid vacation started after the Eid, means I did duty in my office in the Eid day & after Eid day also. As its a multinational company & im in network section I have to stay in the office in the day time. I managed a ticket to Cox's Bazaar of "Silk Line" AC bus. My bus was at 11:00pm (10.12.08) from Arambag. I did my office then came to Narayanganj & got ready for the tour. My other friends already went to Cox's Bazaar. Im going single... By the mean time one of my friends named Tushar called me that he is also going to Cox's Bazaar. He came to know my trip information from Rumee 1 of my childhood friend. I reached in the bus station early & waiting for the bus. I was very much excited as its my 1st time I'm going alone in far distance.

My bus started at 11:11pm it was really a nice experience. At 1:00am (11.12.08) it went to Tajmahal hotel. It was a nice place. Here I captured some pictures.

At 5:42am I reached in the Cox's Bazaar. It was in front of Albatross Resort. Here I understand what is called FOB means First On Boat. As I was new comer here I did not know the way to beach. I asked person whats the way to the beach. Then I went in the Labony point beach alone. It was really nice view & experience to see the SEA... I also saw the sun rise from here but its not special. Only one thing is when sun rises the color of the water is changing.

I met with my friend Tushar then went to Hotel Lauge where all my friends were staying. After becoming fresh we went to beach for taking bath. This is the first time im taking bath & water was too salty... uak thoo. But we enjoyed the sea waves. It was really nice.

After taking bath we returned hotel it was only walk distance. Then we take shower in the hotel washroom then lunch in the hotel dining with sea fish... it was breakfast & lunch together. Then we go out for Moheshkhali. We hired a CNG scooter & went to no 6 ghat for taking speed boat.

The fare is 80 taka per head in the speed boat. Which 14 minutes journey to reach Moheshkhali. But the natural scenery is nice. Here I captured some pictures of birds life style beside sea.

Then when we reached in the Moheshkhali we saw how shutki was making. Here we also saw big Baine fish also. Thats size was unbelieveable.

We walked to reach the Budha Mandir & then Adinath Mandir. Both are nice. Its something like travel & tritha braman together...

While we were returning 1st we hired a Sampan boat to reach the ghat then we ride in the trawler. We ride in the roof of the trawler I shoot the sun set from here. Here I captured some pictures sunset pictures also.

In the ghat here we saw a strange thing that is we had to give money in 3 places, 1 in the main ghat, 1 in the boat way (which is something like bridge) & at last boat man.

Then we took some refreshment. After that we went to Burmese market for shopping. I bought special Burmese pickle, nuts & chandan face pack for my sisters.

After that we went to sea shore that day was the full moon. We took our dinner at Diamond Palace restaurant. The foods are really delicious & price are reasonable. We returned hotel & took some refreshment then went to Sea Shore as it was the FULL MOON. We stayed here for a long time. It was another experience feeling enjoying full moon in the sea side. We set in the top of Sweety's finger. Then my feeling was missing someone special but don't know whom as there is no one special in my life. It was really luck to enjoy full moon in the sea side. Late at night we returned home & the next days plan in going to Enani beach & Himsori.

We booked a CNG scooter yesterday & that was our ride for going there. We went 4 persons there as Tusher was too tired to go outside. In Enani beach we saw crap (kakra) & the hole of their house. After that we went to Himsori & took the breakfast here. We ride in the hill for watching the sea from the upper area. It was nice view just awesome. Here there is fountain but it is too little. Here I used tripod to capture some pictures. We returned hotel by 12:00pm. The way to go there is pleasant one.

After returning from here we went to beach. At that time we were only two person as other there were going to take lunch as they will return home by night. While we were taking bath then I feel very lonely as all other were with there family. Then my feeling was just... I decided to come home. After finishing bath we returned hotel & took shower then I talked with my mother from my friends mobile as I gave my mobile & all other things to Shovan. We went to Diamond palace restaurant. On the way to go there I went to Mercedes-Benz counter to buy a ticket to Dhaka. I got nice seat which is C3 & C4. It was amazing to got these seat in these rush time. It was actually some one canceled their ticket. I confirmed the ticket of C4 over phone. We came to beach after finishing the lunch. We hired two deck chairs to enjoy the sun set & the beach.

After the sun set Tushar & me went to Burmese market again to do shopping. I bought some pickle, one chain made of pearl, one bed cover & lot of dried fish specially sea fish. After doing shopping we took sweet & parota from Pal's sweat, those are really nice. Then we returned to hotel & just pick the bag & went to bus counter.

I reached the bus counter in time but bus was not in time. It was almost 30 minutes late wheres it was suppose to come by 9:00pm.

In the bus there was another surprise for me. When I went to bus I saw there was someone else in my seat. I complained about it & after that I got my seat. The bus service was really bad. It was just like local bus in high configuration & the seat was not good at all not comfortable. There was another surprise waiting for me. I was supposed to left in “Sign Board” which is the easy & short way to go Narayanganj. But the supervisor forgot to inform me & thats why I had to go to Dhaka then came back to Narayanganj. With out the bus journey by Mercedes-Benz overall the trip was very short but really nice... :-)


That was a really awesome capture of life. Though i haven't got the chance to see the beautiful sea but by seeing the pictures i could at least imagine how u felt when u were there.Thanx for this wonderful caption u have shared with all of us.


Thanks APU... for stopping by my blog... really that was a nice feeling which can not be expressed by word... I just tried to capture some moments... thats why i named my BLOG... as capture of LIFE... :D