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CITYCELL ZOOM in unix system

There may be problem CITYCELL ZOOM working in unix like system. In my ubuntu I could not make my modem working like the procedural way in which the instruction is given with the installation is given in the installation CD. I was trying to solve the problem. Then Maruf bhai (our team leader) gave the solution :D Now citycell zoom works in my ubuntu 8.10.

To get the product information use lsusb command.

1st run the command in the konsole & you will get some output in there. After that plugin the usb modem in the box & run the same command in the konsole. There will be one thing differnce in the output. That info is for ZOOM modem.

In my case info displays something like

Bus 005 Device 006: ID 19c2:fefd

Now put that information in the /etc/modules file.

usbserial vendor=0x19c2 product=0xfefd

This need to written to load modules at the boot time.

Now device is loaded but there somthing change is needed in the wvdial configuration file.

# vi /etc/wvdial.conf

Phone = #777
Password = waps
Username = waps
Stupid Mode = 1

now its ready to use modem in ubuntu.
Before dialing lan card should be disable as there default route is set here for local lan use.

# ifdown eth0

after that run wvdial as root user.

If everything is OK then you will connect to the internet. :D