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SSH Allowing remote hosts to connect to local forwarded ports

Sometimes some ISP dont allow user to use port 22 to ssh other server then user could not connect his desired server.
To solve this problem in server which user wants to connect, another port should be forwarded to 22 port. Then user can connect to that port.

In server side, someone should forward that port. Thats the problem... :(

server side: ssh -gL 8022:localhost:22 localhost

& user should use -p switch to connect that server.

user side: ssh -p 8022 user@server_name

Installingfirefox-3.5.5.tar.bz2 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

This article will share how to install firefox-3.5.5.tar.bz2 on Linux Ubuntu 9.10.

Install firefox-3.5.5.tar.bz2 on Linux Ubuntu (Tested on Ubuntu 9.10)

  • Download the new version of firefox then save in /home

  • We must remove the old version of firefox,
    if You don't know the command of your firefox, We can check throught terminal:

    • Open terminal,
      type : fire then press tab to get suggestion from terminal.


    • remove firefox

      sudo apt-get remove firefox-3.5

  • Rename plugins folder to make room for the real plugin

    sudo su
    cd /home

    extract firefox to /opt

    tar -jxvf firefox-3.5.5.tar.gz2 -C /opt
    cd /opt
    mv /opt/firefox/plugins/ /opt/firefox/plugins.backup

  • Create a symbolic link plugins for firefox

    ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins/ /opt/firefox/plugins

  • Create a new command of firefox, you can still run firefox via old shortcut of firefox

    dpkg-divert --divert /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu --rename /usr/bin/firefox

  • Make a symbolic link to the firefox, so the launcher will launch the new version of firefox

    ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

  • Run firefox


    or You can run on Applications >> Internet >> Firefox Web Browser, if firefox shortcut there is no, you can create the new shortcut
    Right click >> Create Launcher
    Name : Firefox
    Command : firefox
    Comment : Web Browser of Mozilla Inc.
  • Work for livelihood...

    From Interesting
    We need to do hard work to lead our life nicely... no matter its physically or mentally... but we need to do... one person may be illiterate or semi literate who does not ability to do so GOOD work unless he is not doing any bad to other that should be treated as good job. Its not really matter what s/he is doing if s/he is fair to the family or in the vast word to the society then that should be treated as GOOD job. I salute those people.

    Live in PEACE

    Live in PEACE, originally uploaded by Picklu.

    While I captured this photo it was just a photo I didnt realize the meaning of this photo!!! Really its true... then my intention was just to capture a nice photo... This photo was captured in the Eve of Christmas (2008)... may be showing respect for their lives is different or varies religion to religion but we do...
    Now I'm feeling something different... Yesterday one of my best friends mother died... it was really early... SHE was sick (cancer) but not so sick to die... few days back also SHE was OK... but GOD knows what happened or what HE LIKE!!! I was really very close to their family but at the last moment I really could not do nothing to them... My that friend is living in US... Few months ago he came to visit here. Did he knows that its his last meeting... When I heard the news early in the morning then I was sleeping with my mother & I heard that one of my best friends mother DIED... I had nothing to do without sacrificing my tears on my mother's leap as already they were on the way to Chittagong... If my condition is such then what about my that friend who is far far miles away from the country... Today I just remembered those days... what we passed in that family how SHE behaved with me... with us... we were just like HER another son, SHE sometime scolded us, sometime loved us... but now... SHE is far far away from us... SHE went in such place from where on one will return... We know everyone will go... but its too too much early...
    Anyway may HER soul Live in PEACE & Please GOD give strength to benumbed family to overcome the MOURN...!!!...

    Touching Story...

    all over the people express LOVE in same way. Love can make people to sacrifice his/her precious thing for beloved person.

    আজ ঘন ঘন বাদল দিনে...

    From Nature

    It was really nice day. The weather was rough due storm named "AILA". But the weather was really nice cloudy & everything was OK. Except some bitter experience... Why man misunderstand me!!! Why I went to roof with my camera & capture photos... thats my SIN!!! What I captured & what he understood!!! Anyways GOD break his thoughts... Thats enough for me...

    Pohela Baishakh 1416

    Bengali New Year (Bengali: নববর্ষ Nôbobôrsho) or Poyela Boishakh (পহেলা বৈশাখ Pôhela Boishakh or পয়লা বৈশাখ Pôela Boishakh) is the first day of the Bengali calendar, celebrated in both Bangladesh and West Bengal, and in Bengali communities in Assam and Tripura. Pohela Boishakh connects all ethnic Bengalis irrespective of religious and regional differences. It falls on April 14 or April 15 of the Gregorian calendar depending on the use of the new amended or the old Bengali calendar respectively. In Bangladesh, it is celebrated on April 14 according to the official amended calendar designed by the Bangla Academy. In Bangladesh, Pohela Boishakh is a national holiday and in West Bengal and Assam it is a public (state) holiday and is publicly celebrated on April 15 every year.

    To celebrate this day I went to Dhaka University area early in the morning... It was easy for me to go there as I had night shift in the office. Thats why after finishing the office I went to Dhaka University area but I missed the Ramna Batamul's program to capture :( any ways the day was really awesome.

    Here are some captured photos...

    When the rally was going there was the special attractive thing was all the photographer & journalists were busy with taking the pictures... see what happened the Raju Vashkaja here :D

    After that I also took some other pics also

    In the Pohela Baishakh the most attractive group was this group :D as they are very much exceptional in their dress up.

    Here I also noticed the attendance of the children was very much high. All the family members were participating in this cultural eve.
    Here are some evidence of that...
    All are coming to attend the programme of Sayanot in the early morning thats why they might not sleep well at the night :)

    Another guy...

    Most cutest BABY

    This Eve become universal for all the person not only for Bangali's...
    Here they are...

    The day was really awesome it will be evergreen in my memory.

    Please visit my picasa album ( Pohela Boishakh 1416 ) for sure you will get some interesting things here... :D

    cut command

    cut command displays the selected columns or fields from each line of a file.

    Column selection mode:

    A column is one character position. This type of selection is specified with -c option. List entries can be open (from the beginning like in -5, or to the end like in 6-), or closed (like 6-9).
    cut -c 4,5,20 foo # cuts foo at columns 4, 5, and 20
    cut -c 1-5 a.dat | more # print the first 5 characters of every line in the file a.dat

    Field selection mode:

    In this mode cut selects not characters but fields delimited by specifiec one character delimiter specified by option -d. The list of fields is specified with -f option ( -f [list] )

    cut -d ":" -f1,7 /etc/passwd # cuts fields 1 and 7 from /etc/passwd cut -d ":" -f 1,6- /etc/passwd # cuts fields 1, 6 to the end from /etc/passwd

    The default delimiter is TAB. If space is used as a delimiter, be sure to put it in quotes (-d " ").

    Running jnlp files in Linux while using Firefox

    it is quite simple you need to install jdk & you have to choose which file to open that.

    1. Install jdk from http://java.sun.com

    sudo ./jdk-6u14-ea-bin-b03-linux-i586-10_mar_2009.bin

    2. try to open java web start file ( jnlp ) from browser and when browser prompt - openwith - direct to always open with /bin/javaws

    Thats all you are done.

    installing VMWARE on UBUNTU (.bundle file)

    To install .bundle file in ubuntu you need to run the following command

    sudo sh VMware-Player-2.5.1-126130.i386.bundle

    then follow the instruction & you are done.

    CITYCELL ZOOM in unix system

    There may be problem CITYCELL ZOOM working in unix like system. In my ubuntu I could not make my modem working like the procedural way in which the instruction is given with the installation is given in the installation CD. I was trying to solve the problem. Then Maruf bhai (our team leader) gave the solution :D Now citycell zoom works in my ubuntu 8.10.

    To get the product information use lsusb command.

    1st run the command in the konsole & you will get some output in there. After that plugin the usb modem in the box & run the same command in the konsole. There will be one thing differnce in the output. That info is for ZOOM modem.

    In my case info displays something like

    Bus 005 Device 006: ID 19c2:fefd

    Now put that information in the /etc/modules file.

    usbserial vendor=0x19c2 product=0xfefd

    This need to written to load modules at the boot time.

    Now device is loaded but there somthing change is needed in the wvdial configuration file.

    # vi /etc/wvdial.conf

    Phone = #777
    Password = waps
    Username = waps
    Stupid Mode = 1

    now its ready to use modem in ubuntu.
    Before dialing lan card should be disable as there default route is set here for local lan use.

    # ifdown eth0

    after that run wvdial as root user.

    If everything is OK then you will connect to the internet. :D

    Install OpenOffice.org 3.0 on Ubuntu

    In installing openoffice3 in ubuntu we have to first remove the existing openoffice from our system

    sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.*

    download a copy of OpenOffice.org 3.0 (OOo_3.0.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz worked for me) and extract the download:

    tar -zxvf Ooo_3.0.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz

    That will create a directory called something like OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358
    Switch into the DEBS directory in that directory:

    cd OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358/DEBS/

    Now all you need to do is install all of those .deb packages:

    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

    That will do the trick. Once you’ve given your password your system should install all of the required files.

    With that done you should have just one thing left to do: Install the desktop integration package. That should be in the DEBS folder:

    cd desktop-integration

    From that folder install the package:

    sudo dpkg -i openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus_3.0-9354_all.deb

    If everything works out you should be able to open OpenOffice.org 3.0 from the Applications menu on your desktop.

    Disclaimer: It is always a good idea to backup your important stuff before removing applications and installing new ones.

    One other problem with removing my previous version of OpenOffice.org was that my aspell spellchecker got messed up. Coincidence? Maybe, but if you have the same problem you may need to re-install aspell-en to get your spellchecker for apps such as pidgin working again.

    .bz2 extension handling

    The .bz2 extension belongs to the bzip2 compression utility which replaces gzip. You may unpack the .tar.bz2 files directly using one of the following commands:

            using the newer version of tar:
    tar xjf

    or, using the older version of tar:
    tar xIf

    or, with all versions of tar:
    bunzip2 -c | tar xf -